The Pudong Club
As a member of CGITA, you are entitled to a 10% discount on the one time corporate membership fee to join The Pudong Club.
The Pudong Club is an exclusive private club that provides access to world-class recreational facilities, from tennis to rugby, to a golf course, to upscale Chinese and Western restaurants, complete with private dining and meeting facilities replicating traditional Chinese designs rebuilt from bricks that are over 250 years old. All of these facilities will be open to members of the Pudong Club. For more details about facilities, please check out
Our corporate members include major companies such as Standard Chartered Bank.
  • Corporate Membership
RMB 318,000
Each Corporate Member is entitled to three memberships appointed by the company
Monthly Membership Fee is RMB 2800
Membership is good for 10 years
Membership is Non-Transferrable
We believe The Pudong Club offers a great platform to create personal networks with other business leaders around the globe. Anyone can apply to become a member of The Pudong Club, but not everyone is accepted. Members of CGITA are guaranteed sponsorship to join The Pudong Club.
Signature Membership
Members who elect to add the Signature membership of The Pudong Club can have access to:
  • Over 280 private golf clubs around the world, with complimentary green fees at over 160 private golf country clubs. It includes premier private clubs such as:
  • Augustine Golf Club, Illinois
  • LPGA International, Florida
  • Carmel Valley Ranch Resort, California
  • Carolina Club, North Carolina
  • Oahu Country Club, Hawaii
  • Desert Falls Country Club, Palm Springs
  • Hamlet Golf & Country Club, New York
  • Indian Wells Country Club, Indian Wells
  • Hawaii Prince Golf Club, Hawaii
  • Golf Club Lipperswil, Switzerland
  • Owners Club – Puerto Vallarta
  • Over 118 prestigious private Dining Clubs around the world. It include premier private clubs such as:
  • Beijing Capital Club
  • Singapore American Club
  • Singapore Tower Club
  • London St James Club
  • Taipei World Center Club
  • Taipei American Club
  • Paris International Golf Club
  • City Club San Francisco
The monthly membership fee of The Pudong Club Signature Membership is ONLY RMB 1680.
The Pudong Club is located at No.500 Lan Gu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
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