We are pleased to feature the following members of CGITA as each of them are leaders in their field.
Part of our mission is to create a platform that allows our members to access a network which promotes their business expansion both within and outside of China. Each of these members will provide most valuable services and products to all our members.

Featured Member

1.Standard Chartered Bank
With over 150 years of history, Standard Chartered Bank has over 100 retail branches in China, and over 8500 employees to serve over 100 retail branches at 25 Chinese cities. With a 2012 global net income of over USD 19 Billion and China net income of over USD 100 million, Standard Chartered Bank is clearly a banking leader that can serve our members’ commercial banking needs globally.
Standard Chartered Bank China

2.Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd.
This is China’s largest tax-free trade zone as it serves as the key import export hub for China’s major trading with the world. strategically located close to the Shanghai Port (largest in the world by tonnage) and the Pudong International Airport, over 60% of all the trade through tax free trade zones go through Waigaoqiao. The value of all the goods that were processed through Waigaoqiao Tax Free Trade Zone exceeded USD 100 billion in 2012. Waigaoqiao together with her customs clearance and storage facilities will serve as a critical partner for any company importing to or exporting from China.
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Development Company, Ltd.
Stock number 600648 Shanghai Stock Exchange

The private banking and investment banking services offered by UBS are well known globally. Formed in 1898, UBS is also one of the oldest banks in the world. Ranked as the leading private banking service provider in the world, UBS brings to our members many personal services that are critical for estate planning and personal wealth management.
UBS Wealth Management - Asia Pacific

Given that all three of our CGITA members are publically traded companies, you can find much information online about the service details of each company.
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