Mr.Wang shichun
Mr.Li zhenmin
Shaanxi Province, China
Mr. Wang Shichun
Association Vice President, Shaanxi Chapter
Appointment of Mr. Wang Shichun as Association Vice President of the Shaanxi Chapter of CGITA
China Global Investment & Trade Alliance (CGITA) warmly welcomes Mr. Wang Shichun as Association Vice President of our Shaanxi Chapter. Mr. Shichun also serves as the Chairman of Shaanxi Hongrui Company Limited, Member of the Shaanxi people's Congress, Vice Chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Industry in Xi'an City, Shangluo Chamber of Commerce and Shaanxi Provincial model worker.
Shaanxi Hongrui Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hongrui Group) is a diversified large enterprise groups involved in the mineral, energy and chemical industries, real estate development, liquor brewing, commerce and trade, tourism, finance, and culture. The group owns the Shenmu Coal Mine Co. Ltd., a YulinTianhong Coal Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Rui Fang Real Estate Development Company Limited, Shaanxi Xuanyuan holy Wine Co. Ltd., Shaanxi RuiXuan Trading Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Hongrui Tourism Development Co. Ltd., Shangzhou District Rui Yuan small loan companies, and seven holding subsidiaries. They are also in charge of Hongrui Kokusai Hotel, with Yellow Emperor wine culture industrial park, Lantian nonferrous metal project department, Shanyang County town new area development, the Shaanxi Tianzhu Mountain tourism cableway and five other projects currently under construction. Since its inception, the company has made brilliant achievements under the leadership of Mr. Wang Shichun among the outstanding private enterprises in the province of Shaanxi Province, and has become one of the largest taxpayers and employers in Shaanxi Province. At the same time, the company focuses on social welfare and giving back to society. Over the years, they have won the “western development outstanding contribution award,” “brand-name products in Shaanxi province,” “Shaanxi province public welfare undertakings outstanding contribution award,” “the new era of Federation of industry and commerce is advanced unit” honorary title, and is now the president of the Xi’an City Chamber of Commerce of Shangluo unit.
Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce (Hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi Provincial Industry and Commerce) is approved by the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, the provincial government, and is the provincial organization of China’s Federation of Industry and Commerce. Shaanxi Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry currently has a total of 708 grassroots organizations, 304 industries, and 66,792 members. Among its members, there are 759 people at all levels of NPC deputies and 2,159 people at different levels of CPPCC committees. Many of these members have been recognized and rewarded for their tireless efforts, and have received the following honorary titles: “National Model Worker,” “National Labor Medal,” “National Fifty-Four Youth Medal,” and “National Outstanding Builders of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.”
Xi’an City Shangluo Chamber of Commerce was established January 9, 2010, in Xi’an. There are currently 108 members. The Chamber of Commerce acts as a bridge to promote economic cooperation and the export of agricultural products. It is also the first Chamber of Commerce in Shangluo established in a different setting.
Mr. Wang Shichun becoming a part of CGITA also means that Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and Xi’an City Shangluo Chamber of Commerce are uniting with CGITA, with both sides making joint efforts to promote the development of more enterprises in Shaanxi to offer the greatest contribution to the development of the Shaanxi industry!
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Shanghai Province, China
Mr. Li Zhenmin
Association Vice President, Shanghai Chapter
Appointment of Mr. Li Zhenmin as Association Vice President of the Shanghai Chapter of CGITA
China Global Investment & Trade Alliance (CGITA) warmly welcomes Mr. Li Zhenmin, the Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Enterprises Association, as Association Vice President of our Shanghai Chapter.
Shanghai City Business Association (formerly Shanghai City Management Association) was founded in August 1979. Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association (of the original Shanghai director and manager work) was founded in July 1983. In November 2004, the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the CPPCC convened and implemented a merger, and afterwards the reorganized company was referred to as the “Shanghai Enterprises Association.” Today, membership of the Shanghai Enterprise Association includes six thousand of the largest Chinese companies in Shanghai, many of which are global companies.
Shanghai Enterprise Association jointly organizes enterprises, entrepreneurs, and business organizations. It also hosts joint meetings of the coordination of labor relations in Shanghai and is attended by the Federation of Shanghai City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Shanghai City Federation of Trade Unions, the commercial and industrial city of Shanghai and Shanghai Enterprise Association.
Shanghai Enterprise Association was created and developed by the main leaders of the party and government care in Shanghai. In October of 1988, China’s President Jiang Zemin wrote, “Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association is willing to make contributions to promoting the economic development of Shanghai.” In August of the same year, the mayor of Shanghai, Zhu Rongji, held a forum with the Entrepreneurs Association and said that it helped “Shanghai to develop their own enterprises and entrepreneurs to form a vast array of excellent Shanghai entrepreneurs.”
The President of CGITA, states, “We are very honored that Mr. Li Zhenmin has agreed to serve as the Association Vice President for our Shanghai Chapter. I believe that the Shanghai Enterprise Association, together with CGITA, will create much value for the Shanghai companies investing overseas and in other provinces in China. Furthermore, we also want to bring in overseas capital to Shanghai and support Pudong as one of the leading financial centers in the world.”
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