April 11, 2013, Beijing VIP Event

On April 11 2013, under the leadership of Madame Yau Wen Ping, Ministry of Commerce, we invited major businesses in Beijing to join CGITA for this event.
The following is the agenda of the April 11 2013 event:
  • Welcome by Madame Yao Wen Ping, Ministry of Commerce
  • Welcome by Mr. Lam Yau Sun, President of CGITA
  • “Global Economy”
               by Standard Chartered Bank’s Economist
  • “The Landscape of Chinese Investments and Trade overseas:                      Opportunities and Challenges”
      by Madame Yao Wen Ping, Ministry of Commerce
  • “Key Learning for Chinese companies who want to do business in              United States”
      by former Deputy Consul General Lu Wen Xiang of Chinese                           Consulate, San Francisco
  • “Commercial Services critical for Chinese companies going global”
      by Standard Charted Bank, China
  • “Wealth Management Services for the Business Leaders”
      by UBS
  • “US China Global Investment & Trade Alliance: how we create value         for our members”
      by Ms. Sylvia Liu, Executive Director of Membership, CGITA
  • Closing Remarks
We expect many leading companies in Beijing to join us at this VIP event.
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