Our Mission

The China Global Investment & Trade Alliance, CGITA, was established as a means to develop investment and commerce between U.S., China, Europe, South America, Africa and Middle East as well as promote business partnerships among our members in these countries.
We believe in creating win-win opportunities between businesses among our members from different continents.

The unique value we will create for our members

The China Global Investment & Trade Alliance helps our members promote their company's products. We provide an excellent platform within China and overseas to expand sales distribution channels, identify new customers, develop market research and help our members to set up overseas offices.
We help our members obtain overseas investments and identify investment projects nationally and overseas.
We provide our members with an investment banking platform to identify “cross border” partners and execute mergers and acquisitions.
We invite our members to attend activities organized by different local government and trade associations to promote the business network overseas.
For members who are expanding their business overseas, we will help issue invitations to our membership for visa applications.
Exciting Updates from CGITA
Honorary Advisor to President
Honorable Ann Veneman
Advisory Group Chapter Presidents
New York Chapter
Mr. Michael Connolly
London Chapter
Mr. Nigel Rowley
France Chapter
Mr. Marc Pierre Stehlin
Shanghai Chapter
Mr. Li Zhinmen
San Francisco Chapter
Mr. Stan Andre
Madame Yao Wen Ping
Consul General Lu Wenxiang
Mr. Peter Boodell
Dr. James Cullor
Dr. Tomas de la Rubia
Mr. David Goh
Mr. Mel Grant
Mr. Michael Heller
Ms. Stella Lau
Mr. Loh Long Hsiang
Mr. Aldo Scrofani
Dr. Joseph Silva
Mr. Tony Tan